Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kicking it off... what do we do?

Life is a whirlwind and I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and type.
Let's start with a simple list of the things we do around our home to lessen our impact on the environment and live healthier lives. From there I will do individual blogs on each thing or a couple at a time. Or maybe I'll go crazy and do something entirely different. Who knows? I sure don't.

To start off:
Cloth diapers
Family cloth(just me)
Mama cloth
Reuseable cotton pads
Fabric napkins/towels
Kitchen compost bin
Garden compost bin
HE washer
Line dry
CFL bulbs
Unplug things when not in use
Ceiling fans
Set thermostat frugally and run auto program
Environmentally safe detergent, cleaners
Organic body care
Organic baby mattress
Wood, wool and silk toys
Reusable bags
Rain barrel
One vehicle
Used instead of new when possible
Organic food items as possible

Well that's a start. Had some organization maybe at the beginning and mommy brain started to set in around number 4... ah well. It's a list anyways so you can take a gander at the possibilities out there. Some are common, some are, well, hard to imagine but really not so strange when you try it. I'll start with cloth diapers the next post. In the mean time, check out etsy.com and hyenacart.com for some wonderful, made in the USA and handmade items. Need a special birthday outfit? Want some quality knitted mittens, hat or the like for a Christmas gift? Want to find that perfect, unique gift for anyone and everyone you know? And most of all, want to buy handmade in the USA? Those are the places to go, my friends!
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