Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Couple examples, Zany Zebra and knit longies

Cloth diapers- Pt 2 My favorites!

Everyone survive the holidays? We did, too. And I had the realization hit me that I must be getting old when my favorite presents were... a toothbrush and boots. But I'm happy to report my pixie has decided she likes 'Becca', her handmade doll from Hill Country Dollmaker on hyenacart. Becca was worth the wait!

Now on to green things!

My favorite Diapers:
Prefolds- Green Mountain sized prefolds. These will be all I will use on a newborn save a couple 'picture' diapers. Will probably use them for size small, too, and keep a few fitteds and AIOs on hand for trips out.
Fitteds- Dream Eze. Lucy's Hope Chest. Patchwork Pixies. Any of these you find under 10$ is probably a good deal.
All in Ones(AIOs)- Dream Eze. Lucy's Hope Chest. Mommy's Touch One Size. Drybees Hybrids(although they take a while to dry)
Night Diapers- Green Acre Designs(GADs) fleece pockets.
Picture Diapers- Zany Zebra's.

My not so favorites and why:
Goodmama's. When your baby gets to the 'large' size one of the hip snaps are left exposed and leave marks against their skin(in addition to the smaller size rise setting if they haven't corrected that, yet). Plus, considering the amount of fabric, they aren't very absorbant in my experience.
Happy Heiny's. The velcro tabs open in the wash/dryer and you end up with a diaper snake that wears the velcro, snags the PUL, stretches the elastic.
BumGenius. Again, velcro tabs open in the wash/dryer and you get the dreaded diaper snake.
In general, velco is easy but wears out quickly and is a pain. Go with snaps.
Another 'in general', I'm not a fan of One Sizes. In theory they sound good, but I don't like that they rarely seem to fit just right.

My favorite Covers:
PUL- Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.
A. Interlock-Wild Child Woolies(WCW). Sustainablebabyish(SBish). Luxe.
B. Anything handknit
Longies(pants), shorties(shorts) skirties(skirts) soakers. Love them all! Kara at DiscoBaby Knits does awesome work- and EevaLeena at Somapants does some really sweet stuff, too. I know, Lady, action shots are needed ASAP!

I'll have to take a couple pictures of my babe in her cloth and wool so you can see just how fun it is! One thing to keep in mind as you get sticker shock from some of the prices, well, make that two things to keep in mind. One, you can resell items as your baby grows out of them. Craigslist, Diaperswappers(though I can't stand the owner) and Spots Corner on HyenaCart are a few options. You cannot sell used cloth diapers anymore on Ebay. But you can sell used socks. Go figure. Oh yeah, I forgot to try that for some extra income! *Smacks head* Second thing, you can buy used. Yep. Sounds gross? Well, it isn't any more gross than reusing the same diaper over and over anyways. A light bleach wash is great for those that are a little squicky about using used, or the sanitization cycle on my washer works just fine for me. The only time I buy new now is to try a new version of a favorite or to add quickly to my stash when I don't have time to wait for what I want to come up on Spots. Another benefit to buying used: a better return of your money most likely which means greater savings! And who doesn't like a few extra bucks left under the mattress?

Next up: How to Care for Your Cloth
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