Friday, June 10, 2011

Roundup and Birth Defects Study released

Did ya'll catch this study that was released by Earth Open Source?

Roundup and Birth Defects - Is the Public Being Kept in the Dark

It's a very thorough look at what's gone on in the European Union regarding experimentation and regulation. Right up there with the PCB fiasco pretty much.

More and more people are becoming aware of what's happened to our food source over the last few decades. The fox entered the hen house for sure and our regulatory agencies have long been bought out by corporations. In the age of so much readily available information and rapid communication, it's my hope that we can organize, demand and change.

Over the past several weeks(while I wasn't blogging) I tagged more GMO type articles to share with those of you that may be interested. Hopefully some you haven't seen. Knowledge is power! Decide for yourself.

Cancer cause or crop aid? Herbicide faces big test

US subsidizes Brazil's cotton to protect Monsanto's profits

Toxics in our kids' foods: Where is the FDA?

Scientists warn of link between dangerous pathogen and Monsanto's Roundup(***warning***sad picture of late term bovine spontaneous abortion)

(About the PCB situation I refer to) Monsanto Hid PCD Pollution for Decades

Health Scandal of the Decade- Monsanto's GMO Perversion of Food - I *really* like this one for explaining what's going on and why we should be concerned.

Thinking Ahead- Do I want to hire a Doula?

It's still crazy to think I'm almost half way through this pregnancy. I say crazy, because I know just how fast arrival time can sneak up on you after 2 full term pregnancies! Sure, the last couple weeks might drag but all in all, it really goes by so quickly.

There are a few things I've been mulling over regarding how we might want to proceed come The Big Day. One thing is a trying to determine if we'd like to hire a Doula. ERGOparent Magazine had a nice little post on Inviting a Doula to Your Birth that got me to think about all of this. Don't you just love the internet? I've never had a doula present before. We have been blessed to have our sister in law (an L&D nurse) with us for our previous births. And while I love her to death and we have the same end goal, we still have different ideas in how best to get there!

My husband is on board with how we'd like things to go(under ideal circumstances, of course). But the poor man turns into a deer in headlights when push comes to shove. Pun intended. We tried using Hypnobabies with the last pregnancy and really loved it. It really helped us feel more connected to the pregnancy rather than it just being me alone. It also helped us fall asleep every night in record time! In fact, we will begin going through the program a second time very soon using the Home Study course. However, again, everything we practiced for our son's birth flew out the window when he panicked. Poor guy!(Poor me) He needs almost as much support as I do!

There were also a couple of things that I believe may have gone differently had we a champion of sorts there to speak for us when I was otherwise occupied and my husband stunned speechless. For things like, demanding a wireless fetal monitor so I could walk- along with an IV thingy on wheels. Or at the end, being flipped on my back when I explicitly had noted I did NOT want to birth on my back. Just to have someone there able to keep their head about them for things like that would be really nice. That's where a Doula would hopefully come in. A Doula's purpose isn't to take over the role of the birth partner, but rather to help give a little direction when they don't know what to do to help.

Thinking about giving birth a 3rd time does in some ways scare me. It shouldn't. But it does. I know it's really important to get on top of those fears immediately so as to be better prepared and relaxed at the end. Giving birth is such an interesting mental process. If I can just get myself to a place where I feel safe and relaxed(as one can be while pushing 7+lbs out) then I know all will be well. Having someone experienced, on my same 'birth page' so to speak, would definitely aide that process.

So, I'm mulling. I do that a lot. I'm a muller. A very slow decision maker. But really this one is a no-brainer to me. The only hard part is figuring out which Doula to choose! (Oddly enough, despite our midwife shortage, we have an abundance of Doulas in our area. Go figure.)  I'll be considering how many births they have attended, what their philosophies are, their birth experiences, cost, etc.

And then I'll have to decide. Will let you know how that goes! I'm actually really excited about this. Whew for some rays of sunshine!

If you'd like to learn more about Doulas, please visit DONA International.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


"It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily.
"So it is."
"And freezing."
"Is it?"
"Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately."

Winnie the Pooh and friends are Trademarks of Disney. Quotes are taken from Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne.

And so it seems things keep going. It's been horribly dry in our area for a long time and we needed rain desperately! Finally got some last night and today. But unfortunately with it came not one, not two, but three hail storms. The first was marble sized, the second pea and the third mixed with half-dollar pieces. We were totally mentally prepared for flooding. But hail? Not so much. 

I can see leaves everywhere but am afraid to look too closely. Haven't even put on my glasses for the day. I don't want to see what the damage is to my gardens. It sounds so trivial, but the gardens were about the only thing going right and a sort of brief escape for me while working in them. 

I know most things will bounce back eventually. Just really bummed and wanting to drown my sorrows in my crossword puzzle book and a carton of ice cream. Preferably Maggie Moo's dark chocolate with gummi bears and peppermint patties. 

At least tomorrow is Friday?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arizona Trip- Take 2

Grandma H's house!

This was a large part of why we went out to Arizona- I've never met my husband's grandma. Her health is such that she can't travel. We were to go out there June of '08, but that's when the floods hit our area. The night before we were to leave we had 18" of sewage water in the basement. Yeah. Ick.

Anyways, so the first half of the trip we spent with his Grandma H. She is such a neat lady. I was surprised how much she reminded me in ways of my own grandmas. In stature she is similar to my dad's mom(tall, thin). Then for one meal we were preparing she was excited to mix a couple frozen juices for the beverage. That was so my mom's mom!

We just had a nice time getting to know each other, telling stories and laughing. All of us also helped in the yard with pruning and the citrus trees. Oh yes, she has a lemon, grapefruit and 2 orange trees! At one point she had a lime tree but it sadly died. Here are some pictures of our time there:

I wish you could smell these through the screen! Grandpa H loved roses and planted these. Wish I could have met him, too. 

Grapefruit time!

1, 2, 3... that's a lot of grapefruit, mom!

A little silliness makes the job go faster?

Trying so hard to get one off the tree!

It was just too tough!(For me, too! And they have spike-like things, ouch!)

This was just getting started. Maybe a quarter of what we pulled.

I thought it was pretty cool to harvest citrus! Wish we could grow some back home! There was so much on the tree we ended up juicing most of it and freezing it to take home. After looking at these pictures, think I'll go make myself a glass or two. 

Still to come, Squaw Peak and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon!

Wordless Wednesday- Silly Sleepy Snuggles

While on vacation in AZ. Love that they are in the same position!

Also while on vacation in AZ(we were really beat, can ya tell??). He sure loves his daddy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arizona Trip- Take 1

On our drive out to Phoenix, we made a little detour last minute and opted to stop at the Petrified National Forest. I love getting a little spontaneous!

We came across the park driving from Albuquerque on I-40 towards Phoenix. Happened to catch the signs and asked if anyone had every been- the response was, 'No, but it'd be awesome to see so let's do it!'

The Forest also has some of the Painted Desert in it, so as far as I'm concerned we killed two birds with one stone. The colors were amazingly breath taking. Not only did we get to see really beautiful, interesting petrified woods but also a wonderful historical Inn and Indian ruins. There were even some cool petroglyphs around the ruins we got to walk around(around, not actually in). Although one part of that trail was closed due to 'swarming bees'. Um, yikes!

Sad attempt at a family picture! Wish my camera was able to capture the depth of color in the hills.

I was pleasantly surprised at some of the flowers that grew there. 

My favorite men!

An example of petrified wood. The water washed over them(hard to imagine water here!) and left mineral deposits behind. These changed the properties of the wood to quartz. Would love one of these hunks for an indoor or outdoor table! Unfortunately, a lot of people must have thought the same because a lot of the fossils have been removed.

Not usually a fan of wikipedia, but they do have some good info out there on the forest if you're interested in reading more: Petrified Forest National Park.

More Arizona Trip Takes to come!

***I had more pictures but my camera battery died and we can't find the stinkin' charger just yet. I know it came back with us, for sure had it in the following days, but now 'tis missing! Hoping it turns up soon or we'll be making an emergency purchase. 

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

The past few weeks I, like every other gardener out there, have been laboring every spare second in my gardens! Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse at what I have going on in the backyard currently. Maybe eventually I'll even do a vlog?

This is my great grandpa's rose from the family farm. First time blooming in my garden!

The veggie beds off my patio. Spinach, eggplant, basil, cilantro, lettuce, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, lots of bell peppers and jalapenos.

These are my back 4x8 raised beds. They are currently housing green and yellow zucchini, cucumbers, beets, chard, kale, corn, beans and 8 tomatoes.

My garden mascot, The Blue Flying Pig.

The West Garden.

The South Garden. Snuck some Baby Bok Choy in there that I ran out of room for!

The newly-remodeled North Garden. Soon to include a 3x5 raised bed in the middle for herbs!

The Kids' Nook next to the sandbox. Complete with birdhouse and toadhouse!

So there you go, a little peek into some of my gardens. They are ever changing and the blooms really coming on now. Once I find my blasted camera charger,  will post more current ones! If you have any gardening questions, please feel free to ask away. I'll do my best to help!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Monday!

Doth mine eyes deceive me? Is it really a Menu Monday, on Monday even?!

Oh yes, chickadees. I actually have my house in order this week! Or shall make a valiant attempt.

Pancakes, blueberries and banana
Fettuccine Alfredo, broccoli, applesauce and bread/jelly
Cool Salad, TBD exactly

Eggs, toast, cheese, oranges
PBJ, carrots, apples
Mexi-stuffed peppers(a super big recipe to freeze several entrĂ©es!)

Pancakes, berries(whatever is good and available this evening at the store)
Grilled pizza with bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, oranges
Dad's house

Eggs, toast, cheese, oranges
Easy corn chowder, apples or grapes, bread
Chiro appt- so just leftovers

Steel cut oats, berries or bananas
Tilapia or Salmon, steamed veggies and applesauce
Thai red curry(another make ahead freezer meal that will yield extra entrĂ©es!)

This week is about one part easy, one part plan ahead. In addition to the 2 freezer meals on Tuesday and Friday, we'll make at least one or two more on Saturday. My hope is to get in the habit of doing a couple of these a week so come crunch time in the fall- AKA, canning AND baby- it won't be too out of control.

Happy Monday!

The End of our Breastfeeding Journey: 17 months

Well, we almost made my goal of 18 months. It's close enough that I truly do consider it met. We made it 17 months in breastfeeding!

*insert cheer, yay, rah rah rah, boom, and assorted other huzzah's*

When we went on vacation the first part of May, we were so busy my son didn't really have the opportunity to nurse much. And he wasn't asking for it. After a week and a half of nursing maybe once or twice a day, I figured he was done.

We got back home and I was surprised when he wanted to nurse frequently again. Unfortunately by that point, what little milk I may have had left was greatly reduced. Add that to the fact he was cutting teeth and it was painful. I wished he would just be done!

Fast forward to tonight. Tonight was a rough night for the little man. He was overtired and those darn teeth still hurting. There was much screaming for 2 hours straight. When the tempest passed, he decided he wanted me. Not daddy. Which was unusual. So I thought maybe he wanted to nurse?(That's generally why he chooses me over Dad!)

Nope. He just wanted to lay in my arms and snuggle while I sang softly to him.

There's a part of me that wants to cry. To hang on for dear life to my baby. He is growing up so fast! And he won't be the baby of the family for much longer. We have such a different bond, he and I, than what I understood could be had when my daughter was a baby. I know I am afraid to lose that with him when #3 is born.

All that and I'm so thankful we were able to breastfeed as long as we did. It was only thanks to the love and support I received from many women I've never met in real life! My only hope is to pay it forward to other mothers who also wish to breastfeed their babies. Having done both, bottle and breast, I will say from my experience there is no comparison to the joy you receive from knowing your body is nourishing your baby in the healthiest way possible. If able, you won't regret it!

My Prince

Extremely Belated Wordless(Almost) Wednesday: Week 18: Belly pic

Yes, I've hit week 18 in pregnancy #4. I can hardly believe we're almost at the halfway mark! For those unfamiliar with how we roll in bellies, don't hate. *wink* My torso is 4 inches longer than the average woman's. Which equals a fairly small bump. What it does not mean, however, is getting out of morning sickness, the inability to sleep at night, back pain and peeing my pants when I sneeze.

Yep. I promise I'm really pregnant. The less-than-thrilled look on my face was due to my husband's refusal to get me donuts. Grrr...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last call! Norwex $30 gift certificate ends tonight!

If you've wanted to try them but haven't, or even if you have already and love them, make sure to head over to Jen Speers Norwex on facebook and 'like' her page! Then comment here or there that you did that and you're entered.

My favorite things to clean thus far have been the windows. Totally serious. I'm a wee bit OCD when it comes to streaks and whatnot, so it can be a tedious task requiring multiple attempts. Generally ending in just giving up! But with a microfiber Norwex cloth and their Purple Drying Cloth, it's literally a one time deal. AND, no chemicals necessary. Just water. For real!

If you aren't sure where to start in trying their products out, personally I'd recommend the Basic Package. It's only 30.99 and includes 1 small enviro cloth and 1 window cloth. Consider the paper towels, window cleaning solution, time and energy you could save! 

Ends tonight, 11:59 PM CST. I will draw the winner tomorrow!

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