Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Cheep, Cheep!

Black Copper Maran or Olive Egger(think it's the Olive)

Jump, jump, little buddy!

12-toed Silkie baby- They usually have 10.

Black Copper Maran or Olive Egger(think it's the Maran)

Let's be real. I'm rarely wordless so consider this my not-so-wordless Wednesday post. We got 3 new chicks a couple weeks ago to add to our existing flock. Our original flock of 6 was great in that we were getting enough eggs to keep up with our needs. However, not enough to share! Then, we lost one of the Easter Eggers(sad). Now we're not quite getting enough for us.

A friend of mine has a small farm and she hatched us the Olive Egger. Another new chicken friend that lives close gave us the Silkie and Black Copper Maran. This worked out perfectly as all 3 breeds were ones I wanted to try! The Olive Egger is supposed to lay a beautiful olive(duh) egg. The Silkie is a great breed with kids. And the Black Copper Maran lays a gorgeous dark colored egg.

I'm mostly about the natural basket of Easter Eggs, sans dyes! It'll be a few months, but I'm looking forward to sharing a picture of our multi-colored eggs with you!


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