Friday, March 27, 2009

Our 'Green' toys!

This is Becca, our HillCountry Dollmaker doll that Santa brought this year.

This is our kids' table and chairs with a couple Melissa and Doug toys. The kids love the abacus!

The horse, gnome home and gnomes are grom greenmountainwoolies on The wood blocks were made by a company sadly no longer in business.

The wooden cars are from a store on, as well as the I-Spy bag and purple bean bag(there are two but I can only find 1!)

The colorful things you see are the playsilks. They have all kinds of beautiful colors. The animal puzzle, train whistle and shape sorter were bought from a local fair trade shop. The animal puzzle and shape sorter are made by Montgomery Schoolhouse

These are our organic baby toys. All things from Under the Nile fruits to plenty of Haba toys, more greenmountainwoolies on Etsy and a few others I'm not sure where I found.

Lastly, handknit wool play food! We have a rather large collection. Unfortunately the cat seems to enjoy hiding them, too. Tiffany at Fair Trade Family did most of our items, she is on


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