Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Sleeping Puppets

Modest, Sleeping Puppets

This is how my almost 4 yr old put her Prince and Princess puppets to sleep the other day. Can't remember if I'd posted on our first boyfriend experience. But that's where this came from! Her little crush spent the day with us a couple of Fridays ago and they were in heaven playing The Prince Rescues the Princess! Cape, dress and all. It was hilarious. She even asked me if they could kiss. Which I was definitely not ready for(at least she asked??). Mom's quick thinking said hugging is better. *wink* Ah, young love!

So much for Wordless Wednesday... haha.


Krysta said...

So cute!

Cricket said...

Here from the Boost Your Buzz.
Would love it if you checked my blog out! Have a great night.

Susan W. said...

Hello...stopping in from BYB...thought I would say hi. Good thinking momma...I don't know if I could have thought that fast. It's amazing what comes out of the mouth's of babes:-) Have a great weekend! Sue from

JMay said...

hahah too cute!

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