Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zucchini Fries- Nailed it.

Or maybe not. (queue maniacal laughter)

My son's intolerance results have necessitated a very big diet change, and one we've striven to make for all of us so he doesn't feel left out. We are mostly limited to lamb, turkey, and a lot of seafood right now for our protein(pinto and garbanzo beans are also ok). This has been a new territory for me, including the turkey due to the inability to use my favorite herbs, thyme, rosemary, sage, etc with it!

I'd like to demonstrate the ability to craft a delicious meal even with his restrictions, so I will be trying to post more frequently again on the things we are making for our family. Some turn out great, some, (as seen above!) do not. In the zucchini fries' defense, I can't bread to save my life so I'm a pretty poor tester of that recipe! The kids didn't seem to mind, though, and gobbled them all up.

One of the reasons I held off initially on making these diet changes- in addition to thinking fad and cost concerns- was believing it to be too difficult. I'd like to help dispel that notion for others possibly considering similar changes. I know how much of a difference it's made for my son, and really hope others look into diet as both the cause and solution to their own struggles.


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