Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are you seeing fancy things?

Yes! Or at least, they are fancy to me. I've spent some time today learning more about blogspot and how it works. Notice the nicely organized buttons on the sides? The new tabs up top? My hope is that this will lend to a cleaner, more organized experience for everyone. I have more organizing to do of the archived posts and will look to do some sort of, 'Hi! I'm new! Would you be my friend for 25$?' type giveaway.

I have no shame.

And, announcing:

Mommy Mondays
Toddler Tuesdays
Whatever Wednesdays
Thankful Thursdays
From the Man Fridays

Mommy Mondays- All about you, Mom! 

Toddler Tuesdays- All about those wascally walkers!

Whatever Wednesdays- Pretty much what it says.

Thankful Thursdays- Also pretty much what it says.

From the Man Fridays- 'The Man' will be my partner in crime, my better half, my ... you get the point. He doesn't know it. But he will like it. Or else.

Welcome, Welcome!


vanessa @ silly eagle books said...

looks nice! :)

Charity said...

Coming over from Ten Talents and I became a blog follower through GFC:) Would love for you to follow me back.

allthingsnew said...

Hi! I'm following you now from This for That! Thanks so much for linking up with us yesterday :)

Ten Talents

Rachel said...

Hey, I'm a new follower from this for that! I can't wait to read more of your blog.

I'd love it if you could come vote for me.

Helena said...

Wow! These sound like fun hops! Are they all going to be yours? Wow! You will be busy! I hope I can join in sometimes! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me laugh! We'll have so much fun building our blogs!

awesome mama said...

i totally have to clean up my blog and get tabs going, you are steps ahead of me! it's looking great, mama :)

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