Monday, September 27, 2010

What fun things have we been up to?

It was a busy weekend, as are all weekends in the Crazy Green Mommy house. Friday evening we mobilized and picked apples at my dad's house. My dad has 3 Jonathan apples in the back and hadn't sprayed at all this year. Yay for free organic apples!

Have you ever picked an apple straight from the tree that hasn't been sprayed? It doesn't look that good, does it? I remember being really concerned the first time I helped my mom make applesauce and we were picking apples at my grandpa's. They looked so gross! But if you take them home, soak them a bit in some warm soapy water and scrub a little, it all comes off. Amazing! Washing apples is one chore for applesauce making that I don't mind, simply because I love watching it go from ick to pretty. And I'm a little OCD about scrubbing those spots off. Maybe. Just a little. I'll see if I can't get a good picture for you this evening.

This year is an 'off' year for apples in our area. Did you know apple trees have 'off' years? They bear heavy one year, then not so much the next. My mom used to put up (old way of saying, 'can') enough applesauce for 2 years, just in case. Last year we canned 75 quarts for my family; we have 18 quarts left. That is a good thing as we will probably get 1/2 that this year and can use the extra to get us through until next apple season.

We are also going to be making apple butter and apple jelly, yum! Growing up, I was a die-hard grape jelly fan, so it wasn't until recently I grew to appreciate the other jams and jellies my mom made. I'm thankful for the example my mom set for us while growing up. Because of her hard work not only did we eat healthy then, but we eat healthy now. And I'm passing those gifts on to my own children!

What skills did your mom/dad/other family member pass on to you?

**come back later to see pictures of our apple adventures and find the recipes!**


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