Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just a quickie- BumbleWee Nursing Wear Contest!

A must for breastfeeding is comfortable and easy to use nursing wear. BumbleWee has a lot of cute tops, dresses, pajamas, etc that they offer to help mama's out. At home it's not a big deal to bum around in a tank and yoga pants but when out it's always makes me feel better to wear 'normal' clothing. Even better if I get makeup on! And that's of course assuming I showered. (HAHA) Anyways, they are having a nursing top giveaway every day until the 15th of Sept. It's easy to enter, go put your name in the hat! (And if you would put me down for referring you, that'd be stupendous! hancoci_s at msn dot com)

Disclosure: By posting this, I have been entered for a chance to win.


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