Friday, March 23, 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How are things going in your gardens?

The crazy early spring here in my neck of the woods has meant super early planting. Much, much earlier than anything I've ever done before. Granted, I'm usually late on my cool weather stuff so even being on time would be early for me!

After losing 2 weeks' time to the Great Lice-capade of 2012, we hit the ground at a full out sprint the past week attempting to catch up. I brought in 4 tons of river rock to go around the new raised beds and the kids' swingset, and 4 cubic yards of compost.

The guy that delivered it said, 'You know this is...'
Me: 'What? The good stuff?'
Yes, I know real compost is made from manure!

So we've been working on all that. The hubs tilled up some of the beds, getting enough ready that I could throw out carrots, spinach, lettuce, peas, turnips, onions, beets, and probably a couple other things I've forgotten. Made it just in time for the rains. I really hate watering in carrot seed so much relieved to have eked that all in literally hours before the rain. Tomorrow I'll snap some pictures with my borrowed camera, seeing as I've misplaced my own. Blarg. We have 2 new raised beds that are 18 inches tall to stay above water if we flood. They're a little smaller though at 3x8. I plan on testing out cattle and hog panel for some vertical gardening between beds. Should be interesting!

And of course we have our new, compact and all natural fertilizer-bug eaters to make short work of the fun stuff. They are rather entertaining to watch. Especially when they chase my 2 year old... he deserves it!

As always, lots to do. Here's to hoping we can get most done this weekend so we can relax a bit before things really ramp up. One project is to convert a glider to a porch swing. If it turns out I'll post it.

Happy Spring!


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