Monday, March 12, 2012

You're Going to Feel Itchy

The Man. He keeps kicking me when I'm down!

Last Monday my oldest said her head itched. I looked and didn't see anything. Tuesday she was really itching and complained again. This time I saw red spots around her ears and neck. So I jumped on the net to google up what was going on. Imagine my dismay when I realized what we had.


Oh yes.

You itching, yet? 'Cause I am. I go to bed thinking about them. Dream about them. Wake up thinking about them.

When I first started reading up on what to do, someone mentioned the financial and emotional aspect of Lice that I didn't understand initially. Until I shelled out over 100$ for haircuts(private hairstylist aware of issue) for everyone in the family except the baby. My oldest's beautiful hair, never cut, had to be chopped off. Fourteen+ inches. At least she was excited, but mama just wasn't ready.

I had to take off work the rest of the week to clean the house, which mean another 200$ lost in wages. My husband took a day and a half PTO to help as I couldn't treat the kids and take care of the baby. Who is teething. And now has nothing to lay on or in while I accomplish stuff! We were going to Chicago in April but had to cancel that due to the PTO and cost issue. I spent 100$ in different treatments, 80$ at the laundromat to catch up and we ate out a ton as I may or may not have hit comatose when I found one on me. Oh, and we bought a new ceiling fan light so we could better see when it's dark out. All in all, it ran about 600$. Good-bye, vacation money. Stupid Lice.

Am I crazy? I think not. These puppies have the nasty habit of returning in cycles. And I am not about to do this again! It is so much work to wash everything, freeze everything, put things that can't be washed or frozen out of commission for 3 weeks. I am thankful we currently have a whole room being unused so we could put stuff up there while we wait. Including my beautiful new diaper bag!

So lesson learned- when you see a kid repeatedly itching their scalp and say, find thick stuff that looks like cradle cap(on a 4yr old)- have them go home and or check them thoroughly. And more obviously, don't share brushes or headbands.

Happy itching!


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