Monday, March 5, 2012

Belated New Year's Resolutions

A day late and a dollar short.

What does that mean, anyways? Well, I think it may be applicable to this post. In addition to the, 'better late than never' phrase, too. It may be March but hey! No sense in waiting until next year to kick off doing things in a better way!

Introducing, Stacy's 2012 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Don't get pregnant.

2. Get in shape. And not a round shape. See #1.

3. Get a monthly massage. (Yes, the list is getting better)

4. Have a monthly acupuncture appointment. (Trust me on this one)

5. Have a monthly Reiki appointment.

6. Pay off one thing by the end of the year. Hopefully more than that!

7. Relax.

Seven sounds like a good, lucky number, right?

See last year was about doing better for our bodies. We did a lot of chiropractic work to fix the residual SPD from my son's pregnancy as well as my husband's slight scoliosis. We also paid through the nose for what we believed to be the healthiest birth for us. While the emotional side of that shebang sucked, it really was physically the best birth of all three. I also introduced acupuncture to my tired body and responded so well, decided it was worth continuing.

This year we'll be continuing last year's efforts and expanding on them. We actually have much more going on but the list may get a little daunting to actually put down. Basically, we intend to further improve our health with regular, holistic care and up the ante with cleaner eating, exercising, counseling, debt pay-off, and working on personal, couple and family goals.

Sounds like a lot. It is. But I feel good about it. This year is going to be great. Afterall, they say life gets even better in your 30's. Bring it on!


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