Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Not to Screw Up Your Kid

Just joking. I have no idea. In fact, I often imagine every time I open my mouth I ought to be depositing a quarter into their therapy jars.

Hardly a day goes by that I'm not reminded how much they are learning from Me. Some good, some not quite what I'd like for them. My 4 year old will say something to me or her brother that sounds eerily familiar... and I don't like hearing it from the other side. I also catch myself saying things that I heard growing up and never intended on saying myself.

To top it off, my two year old is giving me a run for my money lately. It's almost amusing as it's not like I haven't been around this block before. Several times! I have tons of experience with this age! Managed it pretty well with my oldest, or so I thought. But man, this kiddo is just so intense. None of the 'usual' seems to be helping us at all. It's very frustrating for everyone and I feel like we've been spiraling downward something awful. So what can I do differently? How do I break our routine to discover another we can actually be successful in?

Over the next few weeks I'll be working on an online course called Peace in Your Home to address just that. It is a course for Positive Parenting, developed by Susie Walton and based on Redirecting Children's Behavior. I'm excited to learn some new things and trusting they really will help bring peace back into my home and heart. (Operation: Shake Mommy Guilt has commenced!) After spending time in the FAPQ section, I was able to employ a new strategy or two and immediately saw results the next day. It was so uplifting!

Consider this a brief introduction to the program- and if you feel you could use a little peace in your home, too- look over their website to see if it may be something you are interested in. I'll be blogging more about our experience with it as the weeks progress. But if you're at the same point I was/am, I don't want you to wait to check it out in the event this program may help you now.


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