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Jen Speers Norwex review and giveaway!

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably caught wind of the hot 'new' company, Norwex! I first heard about them around New Year's at my aunt's home in Minnesota. My aunt had attended a Norwex party and fallen in love with their products. She was very excited at the prospect of cleaning without the use of toxic chemicals. Which we definitely love in the Crazy Green Home!

Fast forward a few months and my mom gave me a couple to try(right about the time morning sickness set in). She kept telling me how great they worked but you know how sometimes things go in one ear and out the other when your mom talks? Even at almost 30, I just can't help it. Then my good friend, Jen Speers, contacted me about reviewing some additional products and hosting a giveaway. So I figured it was high time I found out for myself what the fuss was about.

To start, Norwex has actually been around for a while. They began in Norway, 1995. Then moved into the US and Canadian markets in 1999. From there it's been nothing but growth! It was in 2007 though, that they introduced the antibacterial microfiber. That's when things really took off. And for good reason- it truly is a remarkable product.

The Norwex Microfiber is different than the kind you'd find in stores. It's a certain blend of polyester and polyamide. They get the fiber smaller than 1/100th of a human hair and then knit it in such a way that it becomes an amazing cleaning material. It can hold up to 7 times its weight in water. And while many lesser quality materials simply smear dirt around, the Norwex microfiber actually picks it up. The idea is you can clean WITHOUT using those toxic, harsh chemicals that are affecting our health and creating super bugs. And how is this possible? Because their material is antibacterial.

Why is Norwex Microfiber antibacterial? It's due to special technology they use with silver particles. (My washing machine actually has a silver cycle on it, too!) The Enviro Cloth picks up bacteria and due to the silver particles, they are removed. Testing has shown it effective against E. Coli, Salmonella, Bird Flu, MRSA, SARS, etc. Some nasty bugs! The Enviro Cloth is not the only product with the silver in it. The Window Cloth, Dusting Mitt, Towels and Mop Pads do, as well.

And it didn't take me long to see why so many people love Norwex! I started out in the bathroom. On the toughest thing I could think of: our tub. Hate, hate, hate scrubbing the tub and shower tiles. Despise! Short-cut! Pass it off to the hubs! Using the yellow Enviro Cloth I went to town on it with a bit of a scowl. Which was soon replaced with a look of surprise. Followed by... delight? Joy? Oh yes, I scrubbed that tub with glee. It was amazing. We have an old cast iron tub and my wonderful (but sometimes misguided DIY) hubby used the wrong grout when he redid the tiles. The iron in our water also leaves a bit of a rust stain. But that cloth took it right off.

So I hopped out of the tub when it was done and kept going. It was a bit addictive to see what I could try cleaning next. The mirrors, followed by the purple Window Cloth. NO STREAKS. NO LINT. It was so easy! Actually, easy pretty much sums up what it's like to use these cloths. It just doesn't take as much effort and they are so effective. I'm sold. We have an Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and Kitchen Cloth. I've heard great things about their mops, too, so will definitely be getting those to try on our hardwood floors and tiles.

Norwex carries tons of different products for the home in addition to the Microfiber Cloths. They have a floor system, bath and body products, home essentials, a kids' line, etc.

I'm so grateful to my friend, Jen Speers, for finally getting me motivated to try Norwex! And because she's so awesome, she's also giving away some great product to one of our readers to try! Here's what the package will include:

1 Pink Enviro Cloth
1 Fruit and Veggie Scrubber
1 Norwex Dishwashing Liquid
1 Micro Cleaning Hand Pads

Retail Value: $43.96

To Enter:

Please visit and comment which item you would be most interested in trying.

Then, 'like' Jen Speers Norwex on facebook. Comment when you've done that!

Each task is worth an entry, so make sure to leave two total comments with an email address that I can contact you at if you should be the lucky winner! That's all, easy peasy! The giveaway will run until 5/15/11 at 11:59 PM CST.

If you are interested in purchasing, hosting or selling Norwex, you may contact Jen Speers at or email her at Speersnorwex (at) gmail (dot) com.

***I received product to aid in giving my honest review, no monetary compensation was received. The opinions and experiences contained are my own. We would like to thank Jen Speers Norwex for the opportunity to try their products!***


Nichole said...

I am anxious to try the descaler product. I have a lime ring build-up in my toilet that will not go away. I have tried approximately 9 products and nothing works. I have high hopes that the Norwex descaler will do the job!

I have also 'liked' Jen's Norwex page. If I've attended one of her parties, do I get an extra entry? ;)

loriag said...

I would try their tea towel sets.

I actually just had a glimps of the product at a recent home show. I wanted to check them out more but the show was closing when I got to their table. This would be a cool giveaway to win.

loriag said...

'liked' Jen Speers Norwex on facebook. lori a galbraith

Amanda said...

I'd like to try the drain care.
tvpg at aol dot com

Amanda said...

Like Jen Speers Norwex on FB - amanda alvarado
tvpg at aol dot com

Klemm Family said...

I'd love to try the organic day cream
skklemm at gmail dot com

Klemm Family said...

'like' Jen Speers Norwex on facebook
stephanie klemm
skklemm at gmail dot com

Leasha said...

I would love to try out the Kitchen Cloth!!

leashae_18 at hotmail dot com

Leasha said...

I LIKE Jen Speers Norwex on FB

leashae_18 at hotmail dot com

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