Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SCOTT Naturals review- 4 Week Test Drive

The company SCOTT Brand, known for their paper products like napkins, paper towels and bath tissue, has recently come out with a new line called Scott Naturals! SCOTT Naturals are a made with a blend of recycled and new materials. The result are hybrid products that both perform well and are kinder to our environment. 

(Sorry, wasn't smart enough to grab a picture BEFORE I opened and used the product!)

I've been participating in their 4 Week Test Drive to see just what I think about their new products firsthand. Now I'll preface the following with this was actually a little difficult for me. 'How hard can it be to use paper towels and napkins, Stacy!?' Well, you'd be surprised how hard it is to break a 4 year habit! Since shortly before my daughter was born, we switched to using mostly cloth. That being said, I recognize cloth is not for everyone and am thankful for efforts being made by companies to use more recyclable materials. SCOTTS Naturals Brand Manager Jennifer Nobui states, 'If we all used SCOTT Naturals products for four weeks, we'd save over two million trees.'

So obviously, if cloth products aren't an option in your home, it would be eco-prudent to consider using ones that contain recycled material. I can hear what you're thinking. 'I've tried them before and (insert product here) fell apart, didn't work well, wasn't soft, etc.' Oh yes, I've been-there-tried-that 1-ply recycled toilet paper!(Yuck!) But after giving SCOTT Naturals a go for the past 4 weeks, I can tell you they are indeed both functioning and eco-friendly.

Here's a break down of what I tried:

Bath Tissue: SCOTT Naturals tissue is 2-ply and contains 40% recycled material. Even the packaging is made from 20% post-consumer recycled plastic and the cardboard tubes are 100% recycled material. 

My take: Not bad for a recycled bath tissue. My family will tell you, I've bought some pretty tough stuff, but I've heard no complaints from them while using SCOTT.

Paper Towels: SCOTT Naturals towels are made from 60% recycled material. They also offer the option of using half a sheet versus a full one. The packaging is again 20% post-consumer recycled plastic and the cardboard tubes are 100% recycled material. 

My take: I really can't tell a huge difference between these and ones made from all new materials. They function just as they ought! And amazingly enough I actually WAS thankful to have them available while struggling with morning sickness. We'll leave it at that. 

Napkins: SCOTT Naturals napkins are made from 80% recycled material. 

My take: I love that they have such a high content of recycled material. Again, you really can't tell the difference between these and those made from all new materials. They were quite handy for my daughter's tea party!

Flushable Moist Wipes: SCOTT Naturals flushable moist wipes are made from 100% sustainable resources. Available in tubs or refill packs. The tubs contain 30% recycled material, the refill pouches contain 25% and the bags the pouches come in are 20% recycled material. 

My take: This is the only product to date we haven't used. Why? Because I'm saving them for Arizona! What better test than a 24 one-way trip with 2 kids?

I found it interesting how the recycled content percentage varied from product to product. Part of me wishes it were all 100%, but the logical part of me knows that isn't possible if we want a product that people will actually use. (Because I totally know just how fun that 100% recycled, 1-ply tissue is!) Bottomline, I truly believe you'll find SCOTT Naturals to be a quality, eco-friendly alternative to products made with no recycled materials. 

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