Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silikids Siliskin review

A little while back I was sent a pair of Silikids Siliskins for baby food jars to try out! My kiddo is largely past baby food now at 16 months but we do still carry some on the go for emergency snack situations. (He is always hungry) Silikids carries several different silicone sleeves that are great for all kinds of things. First, here's the baby food jar skins in action:

Here you can see the small and large size jars to get an idea of what they look like. 

It is probably hard to discern, but there are bumps to aid in grip. 

And here's a side and bottom view. The hole on the side I used to pull the skin on the jar. It was easy. 

Silikids is a relatively new company started by a couple of moms tired of the toxic garbage in kid products. (We can relate!) They opted for silicone as it's safe, clean and hygienic. This is due to silicon's non-porous properties. It's easy to sterilize, germs in general can't hang out and it's soft, making it great for many different uses. Silicone also is not made with BPA, lead, PVC or phthalates. 

The idea behind these silicone skins is to reduce breakage in your diaper bag or via dropping your glass jar, bottle, etc. The skin both protects the item and serves to give you(or baby) a better grip. They are dishwasher safe; technically you could even throw them in the freezer or microwave. There are several siliskins you can purchase of varying sizes- including ones with the glass or glass bottle already in them!

I've been carrying around those two jars in my bag for a good week now. They've taken all the standard beating, getting banged around, dropping the bag, stepping on the bag, etc. So far, so good! We'll be taking them with us to Arizona tomorrow. I'd really love to try the 6oz glass 4-pack that Silikids carries, too. We have some well-known plastic sippie cups we've been using and I'd love to toss them and go to glass. Plastic issues aside, dentists for years have been saying it's better to get our kids to use cups rather than sippies, anyways. They are also on my list to buy for my kids' Kleen Kanteens. Every time they drop their Kleen Kanteens I cringe; wouldn't have to if we had Siliskins on them!

You can purchase Silikids Siliskin products on their website at! The pair of baby food jars is only 6.95. Definitely worth checking out if you are a glass user or wanting to switch to glass but concerned about things getting broken.

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