Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apple Sausage Quiche (recipe)

Today's quiche recipe was found on a search for freezer type things I could make ahead. That's not what I ended up doing with this, but not matter! Found on Once a Month Mom, this is also gluten free and dairy free!

All it needs is a cup of hot chocolate and an english muffin...

One big thing I may have neglected to mention- when cooking, it's best to use quality ingredients. Sounds common sense, right? But it really can make or break a recipe. I realize not all of us are able to walk to the coop in their backyard and grab a fresh-laid egg, but, there are still plenty of things we can do with a little advance notice.

Example: The sausage. It's from a friend of mine's Animal Welfare Approved farm. Taken to a locker that they trust. And done properly.

A couple years ago we ordered a half hog to split with my mom. Our first foray into bulk meat purchasing, I was enticed by the 'free range' hogs. Unfortunately, the locker I chose did a poor job of processing it and the  taste of the meat was just not there. It made me hesitant to try again, but this time I knew my farmer better and trusted that they knew who was best. (The first time we had to choose the locker and then pickup the meat ourselves- this time my friend picked the meat up and brought it to us.)

And you all know why buying mass meat in the store is bad, so no need to go there.

But the sausage, that's pretty big! And even the apple. Have you ever eaten an organic apple and then tried a conventional? Bleh. Conventional just doesn't taste right. We may not be able to afford all organic all the time, but apples are on the dirty dozen so those are one thing we don't skimp on.

Whoops, back to the quiche. It's delicious. I sub'd a sweet potato because that's all I had. And never have shallots, so used onion and garlic. Also no red bell on hand, but next time I will make sure to use it as the color and additional flavor would be really nice. This is an excellent weekend dish to make for the family while enjoying a slow morning.


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