Friday, November 2, 2012

Easy Butternut Squash and Ham Pasta (recipe, if you can call it that!)

You may have noticed we are sans menu plan this week. That's right, I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Or the seat of my fridge/freezer/pantry. Life happens, ick sick happens, new part time job happens, and that's why you have stuff like THIS in the pantry, my friends.

An empty jar and paltry kids' bowl of leftovers. 'Cause I forgot and this is all that was left!

Butternut Squash and Ham

Jar of Butternut Squash pasta sauce
Box of pasta

1. Start pasta noodles.
2. Dice ham.
3. Fry ham in a deep-ish skillet until hot and toasty.
4. Pour jar of sauce on top and take off heat. 
5. Drain noodles, put back in pot, add sauce/ham to pot with noddles and mix.

That's it. 

Fast. Easy. Simple. Inexpensive. And it's out of this world delicious! So much healthier than a box of cheese-like pasta, people. Use whatever noodles you like. We do gluten free. Don't want ham? Sautee mushrooms. Maybe some greens. I am a Dave Gourmet's newest, biggest fan. I found our first two jars at Costco and recently found them *plus* Dave's whole line at World Market. We definitely will be trying more- but now consider the butternut my new pantry staple! 


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