Friday, November 2, 2012

Belated Pumpkin Pictures

Sorry, I'm slow on the picture uploads! Oh well, cute pictures don't really have an expiration, right?

Princess Nina and Baby Lion Sam

Crazy Green Daddy and Angry Cupcake Annie

We went to a local church's party one night and played games, bounced, etc. Then went to our local zoo for their 'Night Eye's' walk we do every year. Even hit up the small main street area I work on briefly! All before Beggars' Night! (And in one weekend)

This year we also did a little 'switch witch' with the kids. I think it went well. We took turns picking out a few pieces to keep, put the rest back in the bag and put the bag on the porch for the switch witch to exchange for a gift. She brought a felt prince crown and a stuffed chicken. The children were happy, the parents were happy, I do believe she'll be making a visit in the future for all such other candy surplus!


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