Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slow Cooker Vegetable Casserole (recipe)

Thanks to picking up a part time retail gig, I've needed to dust off the old slow cooker and try to get things together for the family when I'm gone. One of the recipes I came across recently was the Sunday Slow Cooker: Vegetable Casserole off

Vegetable casserole served with rice and pear.
Ignore the goofy glops of pesto!

I'm intrigued by polenta and have been testing it out ever so often, so was pleased to find it in this recipe. We didn't have radicchio or shredded cheese though. And I'm just remembering no cannellini beans, either! So it was a little different than intended. But still thought it was good and worth trying again. We did add diced eggplant as we had it on hand. A melty cheese would definitely make this super delicious! As with anything, you can easily sub whatever you want or have on hand- bottom line, I love putting food into the slow cooker and just walking away...


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