Thursday, November 15, 2012

My 3 Favorite Family Themed Products

I stopped by today to look at what they have- check out the hilarious shirts!

My hubs really IS a Super Dad. Up all night with an angry, teething baby? Making dinner while I work a part time evening job(and juggling 3 kids 5 and under at the same time)? Scrubbing the bathtub, my most hated job eveah? Oh yes, yes he really IS a Super Dad!

Super Dad Stripes Shirt
Super Dad Stripes Shirt
Look at another t-shirts for dad

Definitely going to remember this one should I momentarily lose my last shred of sanity and, you know, find reason to use it. Given that I put my shirt on inside out and left the oven on while the door was open(supposedly cooling off) it's probably best there is not cause for such a sweet shirt just yet.

And this. This one is my favorite. I'm a poop sleuth, poop is big stuff here in the Crazy Green House! I mean, as a parent you know poop is something you sometimes find yourself cheering for anyways. Add in dietary issues and... let's just say this shirt cracks me up.

***I received a gift card for my time and participation, however all opinions are my own***


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