Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bottombumpers AIO diaper: Review

Who doesn't love a bitty in some cloth diaper fluff?!

This is Miss Annie in a small Bottombumpers at guessing around 9+lbs. Isn't it a great, trim fit- especially on such a little one? I have found this to be a tried and true diaper for us. If we're going to be out, or she's going to take a nap, or she's going to go to bed, this is one I know will get us through without leaks. It's held in breastmilk poop fabulously, too. In general, if you haven't tried cloth before and have a newbie on the way, definitely start with cloth from the start! It sounds totally opposite but I promise cloth holds in those explosions much better than disposables. 

Here's what the inner looks like on the Bottombumpers:

Cotton lining the PUL; organic, snap-in petal style soaker.

Wes-side! Annie is over 12lbs at this point.

No leaks getting through this baby!

The soaker is trim enough not to be too bulky but still holds a lot. I like that organic cotton is mostly against her tush, too. Sometimes synthetic fabrics cause a rash due to a skin sensitivity. Also, because of the way the soaker is sewn in 'petal' style, it dries quickly. (And in my opinion they wash more thoroughly when done this way). It is topped in organic bamboo velour. 

They have cross-over tabs, which is a must for skinny minnies like mine! In addition to the hook and loop closure(fancy for velcro), they have side snapping sized and a one-size side snapping.  The one-size will go approximately 8-25lbs. I haven't tried this one, ours is a sized small, but the snap down under the back of the soaker sounds like a great idea! Sometimes I'm not a fan of a one-size if it is too bulky in front due to those extra snaps and fabric fold.

You can also purchase pail liners, wipes, doublers and replacement soakers in their Accessories section. Add in loads of pretty colors to choose from and that they are made in the USA- I'm sold! We are really happy with our Bottombumpers diaper and I'd gladly have them make up most of my stash. 

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