Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hope for those Little Brothers and Big Sisters...

... In 20 years. 

My little brother sent me flowers for Valentine's Day(and our little sister, too). Isn't that the sweetest? He's 24, ladies, and single! Could almost stunt for Shia LaBeouf... I'm sure he's really going to appreciate me trying to hook him up via the interwebz. Teehee.

But I digress! Point being, we gave our parents a run for their money as kids. Fought a ton! And I might still harbor some sister guilt over not having included him more when we were younger. But thankfully, he hasn't held a grudge. I love him and my other siblings so much! It's gestures like these I have to remind myself of when I'm ready to send my 2 and 4 year old to boot camp. Annie just watches them and smiles like, 'Don't worry guys, I'll be along to shake things up even more shortly!'

And I can't wait. <3


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