Sunday, February 26, 2012

So there's this funny thing about giving...

I've been pondering the subject of giving lately. Specifically, what happens post-giving. Example: I give or do something that isn't necessarily easy for me, for someone else. And then am flooded with random blessings.

My question is this: Is it karma, or do we simply see things differently after having made a sacrifice?

I did try to do something for someone(isn't that a touch vague? sorry!) recently. It was an effort to help born also out of the desire to show gratitude for what we have and the help we had access to. If you will, to pay it forward. Except, instead of feeling like it went forward it seems like we got a ton of good things back! Much, much more back than what we originally gave.

I've been trying to decide if I feel as though this is a kind of karma, or I have a renewed sense of gratitude all around.

Thoughts? Have you done anything lately for someone else, a random act of kindness, etc?


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