Saturday, February 18, 2012

Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags

In my quest for breastmilk storage bags, this time I turned to Amazon to see what was out there. Sure, I could get the usual Lansinoh or Medela in town. But I haven't been thrilled with them. The Medela ones were just too small and stiff in my opinion. And Lansinoh I dislike even more. After using them for almost 4 years, I decided we were through playing the 'Is this one going to break and we'll lose all that milk?!' game. 

Seriously. I shouldn't have to thaw out a bag in another bag to account for weak seams. Who has time for that? No, it didn't matter in my experience whether or not they were frozen flat. And really, the person that came up with the 'don't cry over spilled milk' line obviously never pumped. 

Thanks to Amazon, I saw that there were several other options. After price checking and review reading, we settled on testing Honeysuckle brand breastmilk bags. Why? In part due to the great price. And big bonus for the Green Mommy- they are OXO-Biodegradable! 

The handy pouch they come in with tissue-like dispenser middle.

What they look like.

Success! Milk in bag.

In their description Honeysuckle states the bags are freezer safe, 100% leak proof double zipper seal, pre-sterilized medical grade, 100% BPA free, designed with a tamper evident feature and reinforced bottom gusset with gripper lines for extra leak protection. 

Just in handling them, I really believe they'll hold up to all promised. Sounds weird to say a breastmilk bag feels nice, but these do! Compared to what I've been using, these are much better quality. I really like the double zipper and reinforced bottom gusset best. To test them out I thawed one bag- NO LEAKS. Yay!

But you don't have to take my word for it- you can actually contact them to request a sample bag Here. How cool is that? 

Honeysuckle also recently came out with a neat looking baby food bag. Usually I just use the ice cube method for freezing my baby food, but can totally see how handy these would be for on the go, daycare, grandparents, etc. (Especially maybe grandparents- you know, 'cause you can write some directions right ON the bag- I know some of you feel me).

If you are unhappy with your current breastmilk storage bag or maybe looking for one that's a little more environmentally friendly, I highly recommend checking out Honeysuckle!


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