Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ewephoria Knits, shout out some love!

There are some really wonderful people I've had the pleasure of purchasing from over the last several months; I'd like to do some shout outs so you can be introduced and hopefully fall in love with their work, too!

Today I'll be introducing you to Ewephoria Knits!

At some point I realized I wanted a car jacket for Annie- and it needed to be baby friendly wool. I'm a bit particular on patterns and it wasn't until last minute that I came across the Shluttli pattern. Then, being so close to the end, began a desperate hunt to find one in time!

In my Google search of the pattern I was blessed to come across a listing Kelly of Ewephoria Knits had in her Etsy shop. It wasn't quite the right size, though! On a whim I decided to ask her if she might be able to make another for me that could get to us in time. She didn't think she could get it to me before Annie's birth but at least it would be soon after. Even with getting to pick out my own yarn and buttons, Kelly managed to do both beautiful work and beat my prenatal clock!

 Is it not perfect? We've worn it almost every day now! Any time we go out, on it goes. It is such a breeze to get on her and I love how soft the wool is. We get compliments on it all the time. The knitting is just flawless. What I'd give to have one in *MY* size!

Kelly's Etsy shop is on vacation right now, but check out her feedback to see some of the things she has done in the past(and loads of other happy customers!). Also scroll through her photo albums on facebook for more delicious knits and yarns!

Thanks, Kelly, and all the other wonderful work at home people that make such beautiful things with love and care.


Kelly said...

I am seriously blushing right now!! It's so nice to hear such wonderful feedback!

Meg said...

Lovely! Kelly is a fantastic knitter. :-D

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