Friday, October 12, 2012

Glider to Porch Swing- DIY Conversion

My pretty white swing (purchased on clearance, from Lowe's, 30$) went the way of the DoDo finally. I tried budgeting in for all of our yard stuff this year but didn't figure in the cost of a new swing. And I'm not about to wait until fall to try and score another clearance one. The pergola swing is My spot. My perch, if you will, by which I survey the yard, gardens, children and chickens. I *need* my swing!

My loving husband moved the glider we got off craigslist for free last year, to the spot where my swing was so I'd have a place to sit. (He knew I was agitated with out it, haha.)

And that gave me the brilliant idea- why not convert the glider(which I didn't really like)- to a porch swing?

Before the dismantling

We started out by removing the glider base, leaving us with what amounts to a bench.

The old base.

Then we reinforced weak areas to make it suitable for swinging. The wood was all scrap from leftover projects. Yay, for cost savings!

(Apologies, forgot to get a finish picture until now! And of course, all the flowers are DEAD.)

Summed up, this was really easy to do. I'm so glad we didn't have to spend a lot of money on a swing just yet. We used it all summer and it safely holds the whole family! I'd say we'll be staining it, but you know how these things go. Maybe in the spring? Right after we finish the patio set... 


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