Monday, October 22, 2012

Menu Monday

Squeaking it in, I am! Feeling back to normal after the long weekend of laundry, laundry, and more laundry. But excited to try some new dishes this week using the groceries purchased from our local food cooperative. As I make them throughout the week, I will post the recipes.

Since we're finally getting eggs again, eggs are on the menu!

Cereal, banana
Oatmeal x2
Pancakes, berries x2
Apple sausage quiche

Leftovers x2
Sweet potato corn chowder
Ham and butternut squash pasta
Indian Dahl
Shepherd's Pie
Eggs and waffles

Omelettes with mushrooms, chard, delicata squash and braised radishes
Chops, baked cauliflower and sweet potato fries
Vegetable casserole with polenta
Beef stew
Pumpkin/butternut squash soup
Dipping tacos
Papa's house(or leftovers)

Exciting? I think so! I'm beginning a new part time job this week, so will be trying a few things in the crock pot. Wish me luck and/or link me to some of your favorite GF/DF crockpot meals!


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