Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner: Delicata Squash and Braised Radishes

Sometimes(make that oftentimes) my eyes/stomach win out over my brain and I come home with things I don't really know what to do with. Last week it was a delicata squash and bunch of radishes!

Egg from our flock with chives and purple basil, bacon from local farm, sauteed chard with shiitake mushrooms, delicata squash, radishes and some pear. We eat Real!

I called up my best friend, Google, and came up with the following two recipes for my new adventures:

Braised Radishes via Food Network/Rachel Ray

We have another name for the roasted delicata- Squash Fries. Oh yes. The children will eat them! Easy to do thanks to no need for peeling and they really do taste very similar, if not more creamy and rich, as a butternut squash. Butternuts are my favorite so I may be biased! But I'm putting delicata on my list of things to grow next year. I'd recommend sticking to the smaller sized ones when purchasing so as to get a more tender rind.

For the radishes I pretty much stuck to the recipe, except the shallot. I just don't keep those on hand. So I sub'd garlic. These really were a pleasant surprise! Growing up, growing radishes was fun because it was so easy to get them to germinate, but I didn't actually like eating them raw. And my mom never did anything with them. Now I'm all motivated to plant more next year just so I can try this more often. They end up very mild and almost sweet. Yum!

Happy eating! And am I the only one already planning next year's gardens with glee?


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