Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son!

It is amazing how quickly this year has gone. It still feels like yesterday I was feeling you squirm and kick in the womb. Now you are walking like a pro, climbing like a monkey, and wrestling anyone that lays on the floor!

I love to watch you play with your big sis. It is hilarious to watch you pump your arms and legs in the air when Daddy helps you chase her around the house. And you laugh and laugh at her silly 'BOO' antics. It's the best to listen to you make each other laugh in the car.

You are ticklish, starting to point to things and doing this new thing with your tongue out the side of your mouth. You suddenly dislike bananas, love avocados, broccoli, mashed potatoes and any meat. Oh, and goldfish crackers. You like to knock over bowls and try to steal some in the pick-up scramble.

While 'BOO' is your favorite game, you also love to play cars and ball. And we can't forget, knocking over everyone's block towers! Your current vocabulary consists of, 'Mama, Daddy, Papa, Ball, Bye, Boom.' We've also heard 'kitty' and 'duck' a couple times. You even told me, 'Hi' clear as day on Christmas!

We have a fun party planned for you just after New Year's. I think you're going to really like it. Your birthday gifts are already wrapped but I have a special one just for you from Mom. Your birthday marks one year of breastfeeding! What an amazing journey it's been. I'm so grateful to be your Mama and be able to provide for you like no one else can. You fill my heart with joy.

Happy Birthday, Son!


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