Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey, Monday! Play nice!

I've been around the block enough that you'd think some things would be giant, waving, red, obvious flags. Like when the kids were playing so nicely(read: no screaming, crying, etc.) for 5 minutes while I completed a task. Oh yes. What was I thinking? For that matter, what was I thinking leaving a box of markers in a reachable basket?

Thankfully, they were washable. For the record- washable seems to really mean 'after a good soak.' Which we did! Right after I made good use of the mess and made today spaghetti day. If we're going to go out, we're going to go ALL out! Mama's using her noggin' now.

I would also like to take this moment to assure anyone that sees my son over the next few weeks, he is learning to walk. I do not push him down. Although I feel terribly guilty about the peek-a-boo incident last week. A basic rule you may not know regarding peek-a-boo: it is not a good plan to put the blanket on your head while your baby is sitting on a toddler chair, even though you are right in front of them sitting on the floor. Don't do it.

Back to the walking, my sweet prince will be one on the 28th. He decided to get serious about walking just a few days ago and now is a walking maniac. He is so little, it is just the sweetest thing to watch! Of course, as soon as I get the recorder on he goes back to crawling...

Despite the marker and spaghetti mess, the extra laundry, the extra baths, the 98 cents the mailman needed and the additional bonk to Boob Man's head thanks to a tired mom and stealthy baby moves, it is a good day. We have art supplies to do crafts with, food to eat, clothes to wear and washers to wash, running HOT water, 98+ cents in the piggy bank and healthy bodies to heal our bonks. My glass isn't just half full, it runs over.

You can't keep me down, Monday! Try again next week!


jhull said...

Found your blog through "A Merry Fluffy Christmas" and decided to keep reading. :)

I have days like this, too. My son will be 6 months this Thursday. Instead of messy, some days are just consumed by a fussy baby who cries every time I put him down and won't let anyone else hold him. This means nothing gets done around the house and no dinner on the table.

Oh well though :)

I wouldn't change it for anything. He's such a blessing.

And the messy days will be coming. Solid foods start soon! Advice? LOL

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

You are so sweet, thanks for sticking around =)

Happy 6 mos to your sweet man! It goes so fast. Yes, I know those fussy-hold-me-all-day days all too well. I just tell myself some day, I'm going to wish I could hold him and he's not going to want me to so I better enjoy it now!

Hmm... there IS a particular spoon and bib combo I swear by. Are you going to be making your own baby food? I've been thinking about doing a post on it though we're mostly on table food now. The spoons are a munchkin brand and the bibs are plain gerber birdseye flats! ;0)

tweal said...

I just found your blog from etsy, cute story about your lil guy. Thank goodness for washable markers :)

jhull said...

I'm not going to be buying store bought baby food, but I'm not really interested in doing too many purees. I've been reading a lot about Baby Led Weaning and think I'm going to try that. You basically skip purees and start with table foods. I think the purpose is that baby learns to feed himself so you don't have to. I ordered the book from Amazon last week so it should be here soon.

I'll let you know how it goes! :)

And thanks for the tip about gerber. I have some that I used as burp cloths in the beginning. Never for diapers though :) How did you attach to baby???

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Thank you, tweal! J, I would definitely love to hear about your experiences with that! Maybe a guest post if you are up for it? It was not something I had heard about until too late. For baby number three would be open to trying it! In retrospect I believe my oldest would have done well with it.
The flats I just tie old fashioned corner knot loosely but so they cannot pull it off :) The flat covers so much more, catches so much more! Even being kind of thin I think it works better than any other bib I have seen or tried. In general they are so multipurpose they have become my go to baby shower gift!

jhull said...

I'll keep you posted. A guest post would be great after we get the hang of it!

Thanks for your help!


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