Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You What?!

It never fails.

'You don't have a TV?!' says (insert 95% of the people we've ever told) in a mixture of shock and horror, staring in disbelief at my husband and then double checking my head to verify no horns protrude.

Nope, no TV.

Which is then often followed by well meaning offers and suggestions for free or inexpensive TV options. More furtive glances back at me, the offers and suggestions always directed at my husband.

I just laugh.

Why is it so hard to believe we choose not to have one?!

A few years ago we did in fact have a TV. We also had a desktop computer. After a while, it was realized that our relationship was suffering due to computer games. So we got rid of it! Then a year or so later, I realized it was too tempting to run movies 24/7 for the kids and I didn't want to do that. So we got rid of it!

At first it was a little odd, a little quiet. But after a while, it didn't really make our lives less fun or happy. In fact, we started accomplishing more things that needed done than we had previously. Soon it wasn't even a big deal. Kind of like going to one vehicle. (That'll be another post!)

Recently, we talked about getting a TV again. I had pretty much sold myself on it. But the truth I came to this evening, I still don't want one. What I want is to be able to workout again and let the kids watch a movie once in a while. To do that, all we need is to fix our old laptop. Then I can play my workout videos and the occasional movie for the kids. (I have a netbook so no DVD option here.)

Perhaps to my husband's chagrin, we are going to remain a TV-free home for a long time to come!


Amie said...

Wow props to you. I'm impressed that you could make such a big change in your life. We've thought about not having a TV, but we love cuddling on the couch watching favorite TV shows on DVD too much.
Amie @

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Truth be told, we'd probably still have one if not for the kids =) And it's largely due to my own weakness!!
The hubs and I still watch some things at night after they go to bed online, just on my itty bitty 10" laptop LOL. It does make for close snuggling!

David and Becca W said...

My husband and I have been married 6 years in March 11. We have never owned a TV in this time and are better off for it. Netflix delivers one dvd at a time which we watch together on our small computer.

We get the same reaction all the time. Sometimes I tell people just for the shock value. Often we are asked "What do you do before bed??" As though TV is the only source of entertainment for a couple.... I always say "have sex" to which the inquiring individual usually states "I should take my TV out of the bedroom."

That's a good start. =)

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

LOL! I never thought of that response- bet it shuts down the free TV offers fast ;0)

Lizze said...

We got rid of ours about a year ago - and hadn't been using it for about 6 months before that since we chose not to get cable in our new place. Same thing - we weren't spending much time talking to each other! Also, it has been good not to have the TV around as an option for entertaining our little man. And, I know the looks of which you speak!

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