Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello, Organization!

Yes, I'll admit it. Hello, my name is Stacy. 'Hi, Stacy.' And I like to organize!

Look, just look at these gorgeous shelves!

Don't you love it? (Nod your head yes to the crazy lady.) I breathe a little easier when I look at it. It makes me happy. That might be a little sad, but it's true!

My OCD tendencies I blame on my mom(isn't that where all our issue come from? ;0) Saturday mornings growing up, we cleaned the house to Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera while other kids got to watch cartoons. My room was appropriately messy as a kid but as soon as I left the house that pretty much changed. A therapist might say it was my attempt to gain control in a time of my life where there was little, and they would probably be right! But those situations have since been resolved(largely). Yet the desire to organize is here to stay!

Sometimes it creates silly problems. Like in gardening. Square Foot Gardening is a fantastic method and I think it makes complete sense! But I can't do it. I tried. It just drove me crazy. I like my rows, my neat rows measured out and planted with string strung between stakes to ensure they are straight. Last year we planted bush beans. There were two rows that ended up way wack(the hubs was doing his best to help). I'm still not entirely sure if I were more upset or relieved when the plants bit the dust after so much flooding and rabbit munching. No longer did I have to look at those crooked rows.

Ah, my poor brain, always looking for balance and harmony in a world of chaos! I am, however, able to resist the urge to put my mini leveler in the diaper bag while out and about. Oh yes, kids! How do I survive needing a (fairly) clean and organized home with kids? Simple! They learn early on how to pick up. Usually around the 18 month age they are ready. We work on it together and take breaks throughout the day or between activities so there isn't one big overwhelming mess at the end.

What is your best organizational tip or product to use?


Rebecca O said...

Wow...for a few minutes there I thought you had entered my brain and stole all my very own thoughts!! I am the same way.

Saturday was chore day in our house. We had a list: mom's chores, sister's chores, my chores. And for our room, my sister and I had a game: pick up 5 items off the bedroom floor and put them away, pick up 2 items and put them away...etc. It actually was fun though! And the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables thing is just scary...we listened to the same soundtracks! Along with a few other Broadway shows!

Thanks for sharing...I'm not the only one with the OCD tendencies!

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Holy smokes! You might be a sister from another mother LOL! Or maybe our moms are sisters from another mother ;0)
That is crazy- right down to the soundtracks. We also listened to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat... probably others that I can't remember at the moment. LM and PotO are the two that got played the most, though.
Totally going to try that pick up game... thanks!!

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