Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ella's Kitchen- It's in my bag!

I first heard about Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food through a  few blog reviews I read back in August. Everyone that tried them loved the products, but I wasn’t convinced. Why would I need them if I make my own baby food?

 Then one evening while out at Target, I noticed them on the shelf. What were we doing in the baby food isle if I make my own? You got me. We were actually at Target getting some backup baby foods to have at my dad’s house- in the event I didn’t remember to pack our own. Because that’s exactly what happened that night! And the previous week. And possibly the week before that. So I couldn’t resist buying a couple to try out.

If you take a look at their label, they really are nothing but good stuff! No GMOs, no preservatives or thickeners, no dairy, egg or wheat, no added water or sweeteners. Their flavors are amazing mixes of fruits and veggies that even I don’t think to try!(and we try just about everything).  Parsnips? Pumpkin? Rutabaga? I love it! We have tried several of the stage 1 foods and the fruit smoothies. My son loves the Yellow One especially. But that’s not all Ella’s Kitchen makes! They have a whole list of other wonderful sounding products that I hope become available in the USA very soon. Indian cooking sauces? Sign us up!

Ella’s Kitchen packaging is supremely convenient to have in the diaper bag. The twist top is fantastic- why haven’t we done this before? Our family is always on the go and in the event we’re out too long or my son gets hungry at a weird time it is nice to have one in there. There’s no worrying that the jar will break and they seem to take up less space. Then there’s the straw-like top. With some help my son likes to just suck it right out, no spoon necessary. And if he doesn’t want to finish it right at that moment? Screw the top back on and throw it in the fridge.

Ella’s Kitchen pouches are not yet able to be recycled but they are actively figuring out how to go about doing that. For those with nut allergies- they are nut free! The only little extra they add in is a dash of organic lemon juice. This is to help extend the shelf life and balance the natural acids out so no preservatives are necessary. No biggie!

Go check out their website at for more info. They have my Super Selective Seal of Approval!

***I have not been compensated for this review; I did receive some free product coupons after purchasing the original products reviewed here. The opinions and experiences described are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.


Amber@Nater Tot said...

Hi! Following you from Ten Talents :) We love Ellas Kitchen. I found them while searching for bpa-free baby food packaging. Nate loved the pumpkin, sweet potato, apple & blueberry mix the most! I really like the convenience of the packaging.

awesome mama said...

we haven't tried ella's but i'm lovin' the plum organics pouches, still. even if sprout isn't so into them these days (he's not into much, though - turning into a pi-ick-y eater, for sure! though if i had to say, the banana/pumpkin is still his favorite. lol!)

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

that's right! i forgot there was another pouch out there. i dont think ive seen them in my stores, might be at BRU?
my little dude is getting kind of funny about food, too. he acts like he doesnt want solids but then snarfs 4 wedges up. i think he wants to be a big kid! =(

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