Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twitter Parties- Do you Twitter?

Twitter is a bit of a mystery to me. I'll admit, I signed up initially for more entries into giveaways after vowing I would never[sign up for twitter]. Then I looked around and realized, there is a lot of information being exchanged out there. THEN heard about Twitter parties! (In care you haven't figured out yet- Yes, I like giveaways. They're helping curb my shopping and thereby, save my budget from emotional crazy moments that happen... daily. Generally during naptime.)

I still have no idea what I'm doing on twitter. Two months after signing up, just found the 'Mention' part on my home page. I'd been missing tweets mentioning me for a while. Whoops! Add in a TwitterGrid for a party and I'm even more confused. But, there is an @EcoChicSidekick named Robin that now does a 'How To' before EcoChic Twitter Parties (@EcoChicParties)! I need to jump in for one of those. Can't figure out how to type what I need to without maxing my alloted space. And all that @ and # stuff! I don't get it.

Despite my total clueless-ness, I did jump in to a couple twitter parties and tonight actually won something(onesie from http://www.textmessagebaby.com/- Thanks, guys!) so that was cool. Jury is still out as to if I want to spend my free hour on twitter... but... it's better than dishes! Or folding laundry. Or freezing kale(darnit! That has to be done tomorrow!).

Anyone pro Twitter, anti Twitter, couldn't care less Twitter? What do you use it for if you do tweet?

And I'd be happy to follow you if you leave your handle in the comments!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Sorry no twittering, or twating here. I have enough things to fill up my "empty" space already, I'm afraid the world of twitter will have to wait until Ella goes to school, plus, I get to see enough annoying posts about co-workers wasting time from my sister-in-law on facebook, twitter would only make it worse. And yes, it is ironic that she posts them at work, complaining about people wasting time.

pippirose said...

I also swore I would *never* tweet...but with giveaways, I caved.
Did you know that if you search for #giveaways, there is a whole other bunch of giveaway listings?
I can put in as much...or as little...time as I want, browsing the tweets.
So...I kinda like it!

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Beth! You are cracking me up today!!

@pippirose- oh boy, must.not.check. LOL! i had to step away from (entering)giveaways this week because i started burning out!

My Baby's Green said...

Twitter parties totally confuse me. I never had a personal FB page either but you had to sign up one for a business one. I have to admit I have enjoyed catching up with distant family and friends. I did accept tons of requests to be "friends" but once I realized it was harder to see the ones I actually did "like" I started to delete some.
Like you said there is so much to learn at Twitter parties but I just don't get it :o

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