Sunday, October 10, 2010

Organizing our cloth diapers

Today on Facebook I saw Mother-Ease post a question/request to share how we organize our cloth diapers. Then realized, I need to add pictures! And hey, might as well make it a post. Feel free to share in comments how you organize your stash!

Most people equate changing diapers with needing a changing table. In my bitty house, that’s just not an option! It’s not even an option to have a pack and play with a changing table part to it up. Seriously. I do have a low dresser in the kids’ room that I intended to use for that purpose, but really found it unnecessary. We are just floor people.

The best purchase I made- before my firstborn had even arrived and long before I considered cloth- was this Allamala wall basket from Ikea. The second best purchase after we started using cloth diapers was a can’t-find-it-anywhere-now college closet organizer from Target circa 2007 or 2008. I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find it.

The Allamala wall basket is very chic looking for it’s purpouse and I believe matches just about anything. The top shelf we use for some bedtime books, pacifiers and crib toys. The bottom two we use for diapers. Generally I put fitteds in the middle and anything with a cover in the bottom. Depending on the thickness of the diapers, I can fit 6-8 on each shelf and sandwich a few more laying down on top of the diapers.

The mystery closet organizer from Target works fantastic! I didn’t want to build in cubbies in place of the organizer as someday, our kids’ shirts will be a tad longer than they are currently. With this organizer, I don’t lose rod space which is key in their tiny closet. One cube is for knit pants, the other for soakers. The bottom left cube is for wipes, liners and gdiapers, the right cube is for backup prefolds and wet bags. It's a little droopy because we've used it for so long and my kids have way too many clothes hanging on that rod!

For our accessories like bum balm, snappis, BabyLegs, etc, I use a sock drawer organizer in the small drawer of the dresser. Anything that they have yet to grow into is in the bottom large drawer of the dresser(larger covers, diapers and the like). Anything that they have outgrown goes in my basket of things to list and sell!

Lastly, while our son was in our room most of the time as a newborn, we used a large basket to put his diapers, wipes and covers in. It was right next to our bed, aiding in fast middle of the night changes. As he has gotten bigger and the changes not so frequent, we have switched to a smaller basket that has just his night time diapers, a cover and a couple wipes in it.

It’s a simple system, but all in all it works for my family in our limited space.


Knocked Up and Nursing said...

I have been trying to figure out how to organize our diapers. Right now, we have a big basket in the living room (er just change on the floor too). I'm due in December with #3 and trying to figure out how to incoporate the new baby's CDs into the mix. We too live in a small space. My 2 kids share a room and the little one will be in our room. Thanks for the informative post.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Wow, look at you guys all organized, we just throw all the diaper stuff in the diaper basket and I put them together as we need them, of course the plan was to have them all nice and organized....

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Hmmm... Sarah I'd maybe just get a sep basket for the bitty dipes! We had one that was a Christmas gift with movie treats in it that I removed the handle from. Worked great!

Beth, you crack me up.=) Yes, I'm a little OCD about being organized. Can't help it. I blame it on my crazy mom LOL

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