Friday, October 8, 2010

From the Man- Mast Bros. Chocolate

One more week come and gone, boy what a week it was.  Actually, two weeks ago my 8 year old laptop died on me. It was a Toshiba and boy did I love that laptop! It held up better then any other computer I have ever owned, especially dell(shakes fist).  So now we are trying to juggle one laptop between the two of us.  No easy task, for sure. A new one is not on the approved budget, so I have resorted to trying to win one.

There are some giveaways out there for computers if you‘re looking for them. I entered one from a local radio station and the drawing was pretty interesting. It was held at a local winery where the 50 of us that were invited could taste wine and eat cheese and meat. We don't drink, so it was just cheese and meat for us. Ten winners were drawn to get tickets for a play called ‘9 to 5.' One luck person got tickets and an ipad.  I did not win the ipad but we did win tickets to the play. At $51 a pop, not bad!  Maybe we didn't win a computer but instead I got a date night with my wife.  Totally worth it.  If I could buy a new one, what would I get? At this point, I would take anything, even dell (shakes fist more vigorously).  I would probably get another Toshiba though, or an Asus. Reviews on Asus are excellent.

This week I found something for all you ladies out there.  One main goal at our house is to be green and  eco-friendly, right? How about green AND chocolate combined? I came across a chocolate maker that makes all of their chocolate from bean to bar.  They roast the beans themselves and use everything organic.  This amazing company is called Mast Brothers Chocolate and they‘re out of New York City. These guys even had a friend build them their needed machinery since it didn’t exist on the scale they needed! Check out this video on

The bars look really really good, however, because they do everything themselves and use organic ingredients, they are more expensive than your standard Hershey‘s bar. How expensive? Almost $10 a bar. Given the fact they do everything and use quality ingredients, I can actually get behind that when I think about it. I would totally get some. And then give it to my wife.


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