Monday, October 25, 2010

Grand Plans

I had grand plans to freeze kale this evening, but life just got the better of me. Well, life and this giant square of fudge from our local confection place down the street. If I were to get up and be productive with my last 30mins, it would mean leaving this delicious square that surely won't see the dawn of tomorrow.

Sad for fudge. Happy for me. Sad for the weigh in I'm supposed to do in the morning.

So I'm working beside my husband not long ago(20mins) as we were putting away groceries in the kitchen. 'Honey,' I said, 'Do you feel like we're just acquaintances lately?' We both agreed. We're like passing ships in the giant ocean of parenthood! Gone is the time(or space seeing as there's a 10mo old sandwiched between us most the night) for snuggles and kisses. Now it's about survival. Splitting sleepless nights, diaper changes, dinner and dishes, bedtime routines, work, cleaning. I am incredibly blessed to have a fantastic husband that works so hard for us. There's a (silly)part of me that feels a little like a failure when I don't have everything done by the time he gets home and he offers to help. He does constantly ask for things to do to help me. How many men do that? From what my friends tell me, not a lot.

He's hot, too.

So my question is, how do we reclaim that husband/wife relationship while trying to balance 2 small children and work/home? We try to do a date night once in a while. At least monthly. We read together most nights. What do you do? Any suggestions? (I should add- while I type this he's helping put the baby to bed).


Mrs. No-No said...

Hey Stacy! Thanks for the comment - you should TOTALLY try the curried lentil soup - it's really fast and easy if you have a pressure cooker (or if you are at home, you can just let the beans cook awhile)! I hope you try it out, it's cheap, easy, and filling. :)
...sounds like you are a lucky duck with your hot husband - lol - the part about 'it's survival' made me laugh. I completely understand!! I know with my DH, I sneak in LOTS of kisses, lots of thank yous, and lots of little conversations - gives me a break from my day and gives him a good feeling inside. :) I think it's simple, but it makes us both happier!
Can't wait to read what others say, too!
Carla aka Mrs. No-No
Mrs. No-No Knows

Julie said...

Oh I'm so glad to read about another helpful husband! My husband does so much, I can't even imagine not having him around!

I'm not going to be much help with suggestions, because right now I am struggling with balancing my business time & my hubby time...but, I know we really need to get out and go on a date!

Once a week we have tried to put the kids to bed early in their room (with a portable DVD player since we really don't do the TV thing) and a movie (verry special treat for them). And then we have a special dinner of our own, something fancy we either ordered take out or get something nicer from the grocery store. And, we sit next to each other at the table. :)

And, I'm so thankful you wrote this blog as a's been 2 weeks since we did this!

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