Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Leaves are Falling

The leaves are falling outside of my dining room window. It's one of those can't-capture-on-camera type scenes. Or at least, best left to the professionals to attempt. We have one large tree in the front, the remaining twin to the pair that must have been planted not long after the house was built. The leaves turn a lovely yellow in the fall. Today is cool but not too cool, with a slight breeze that has been sending down those leaves in a gentle fall shower. It is very peaceful.

And despite all the woes that come with our 70 year old house, I am thankful. Our house is small but full of love. We live in an unassuming but safe neighborhood. Kids play ball in the streets, ride their bikes on the sidewalks and play games into the evening. We have space to grow food for our family and better yet, family that lives close and will help with the chore of growing and canning.

There are no smog warnings in my city. No two hour commutes. There are reasons voted us the Best Place to Raise a Family in the United States! As a friend that stayed with us once said, we have a simple but beautiful life. I'm certainly feeling that today.

Taken at my grandpa's farm.


Linda said...

Must be wonderful to live in such a beautiful place lucky you! I'm following you back

Xenia said...

What a sweet post, your neighborhood sounds wonderful! And that family picture is gorgeous, I'm so impressed that everyone is not only looking but even (mostly) smiling!

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