Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'My, what a big kitchen you have!' Kale and

Ok, not really. In my dreams, in the far future after we win the lotto or my husband is made president of his company, I may have a decent sized kitchen. Or, when I don't turn down winnings for a kitchen remodel. Yes, sure did. No, not intentionally. In the meantime, I work out of my 1940's galley kitchen and all of it's 7'x10' of glory (and I am being generous in measurements).
My half-updated 1940's galley kitchen

Today's activities for Mom are focused on using the Kale in our garden. Bonus, freezing prepared dishes for evenings/lunches when I don't want to cook. Here are the recipes I'm using today:

Kielbasa Kale Stew

Butternut Vegetable Soup

And not that I am making it today but because it is another favorite using Kale:
Turkey Garbanzo Bean and Kale Soup with Pasta

Yes, I love Can you tell? My favorite thing about their site is the Ingredients option at the top. If you have something to use but don't know what to do with it(or whatever else you have in the cupboards) plug it in and see what recipes they match!

The butternut squash in the second soup is also from our garden. Did you know butternuts have to cure for a couple of weeks after harvest? Thank goodness for the internet or I'd have tried to eat it right away. It's so pretty! Today's version is also going to feature a carnival squash from my friend's garden. I've never had carnival squash before but hear it is lovely. It certainly has looked pretty on my counter the past couple weeks!
Carnival on left, Butternut on right
Kielbasa Kale Stew, yum! 

What are some delicious recipes you make in the fall?


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