Friday, October 1, 2010

From the Man- Introduction and Ed Swan/Okay Studios

This is the first time that I have ever written a blog and I have to admit, it is a little weird. I have read blogs before and of course I read my wife’s blog , but writing a blog is completely different… a little scary. Please forgive any errors that I make, I am sure that I will get the hang of this shortly.

So I have been asked/told/threatened to participate in From the Man Fridays. “What can I write about?” I inquired of my loving wife. To which she replied, “Anything you want!”(Probably after much pain and anguish on her part). Anything I want? Oh the possibilities!! So, first things first. My name is Isaac, I am from a family of 10 and I am 6th in line for the kids. We can get a little rambunctious and sometimes things end up broken… on fire. In that order. I was born in Denver, Colorado, and moved to Iowa when I was 8. I have visited other states and countries and but love my home and love living in Iowa. My hobbies include listening to my wife and doing the opposite of what she asks me to do, long romantic walks on the beach, typical guy stuff.

Things that interest me: that is a hard one to nail down. I am into most thing green/eco friendly, art, most types of music, building, repairing. For example, here is something that I found the other day on the internet’s that I thought was cool:

It is a table that an artist named Ed Swan developed for an exhibition by OKAY STUDIOS. This table has been painted by several different colors. Visitors were encouraged to take sand paper and just sand away on the table top. When the exhibition is done, the table will be topped with a clear coat lacquer to seal it up and then be used as a regular table. What a cool idea! I would love to build something like that for our house to encourage children’s imagination and see what they come up with. Of course I would be worried that they would then move from the table to the walls and do the same thing there. Well, might not be all that bad. With all the coats of paint we have on the walls my hope would be they would look as cool as this table.


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