Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby's First Haircut

I did it.

I hadn't really planned on it to be honest.

But then it happened.

I couldn't take the mullet any longer!

What's going on, guys?

The long golden locks!

Post 1st attempt to trim. It obviously did not go well.

So we got out the clippers. He wasn't impressed. And I can't blame him. Mama first erroneously used #1's not realizing how short it'd be! Then switched to #2's so as to correct and blend. We left the top long at first, then I later trimmed it to a #8.

I think I see a trend here... blinded by the handsome!

Mama promises to get better with practice! We have a long time before your first day of school, son. *HA HA*


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Awesome! I love little boys hair cuts. Nate does Nic's. He's actually pretty good at it, but I'm still working on getting him to leave the top a bit longer, so I can actually do something with it.

~Stacy~ said...

my kids were all ooohhh and ahhhh over you little guy! he is too cute! We have the reverse, my LO grows a thicker strip down middle of his head so he could just have a mowhawk.
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