Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Bathtub with Dr. Seuss

***My apologies, it has just come to my attention that LUSH products contain SLS and parabens, among other chemicals I do not wish to promote on my blog. My brother was unaware of this(they were given as Christmas gifts) and I didn't think to look into them until this weekend. 1/23/11 I did enjoy their products and hope they make the positive step to remove those unnecessary chemicals in the near future.***

That could be taken all kinds of ways, but never fear. My bathtub is just big enough for me!

Me and my Lush bathbomb, that is.

And my brain. My never- able- to- relax- and- shut- down brain.

I was fighting a cold this past weekend and just couldn't warm up. Then remembered the lovely box of Lush bath items my brother had given me for Christmas! The kids were napping so I thought, why not? Now I'll admit, baths are not really my idea of a good way to relax generally. If you saw my bathtub you'd understand why. It's smaller than a standard tub. And I'm larger than your standard girl. Mostly legs I've been told, although there's a few extra inches in torso, too! Just picture that part in Disney's Aladdin, 'Itty bitty living space!' That's how I feel in my bathtub.

But I decided to give it a go since I felt so icky. And my closet smelled so nice every time I opened the door. I wanted to smell nice, too!

It. was. divine.

Someday the technology will be such that I can imprint the smell for you. Because anything short of actually smelling it just won't do. I can't adequately describe it. But it was lovely! (I *think* it was the Waving Not Drowning scent.) The bathbomb dissolved quickly and almost entirely. Not only did I then step out of the bath smelling delicious, but my skin was ultra soft.

More baths in my future? I think yes.

But where does Dr. Seuss come into this? Right-o. So the other day we were at Panera getting soup(yes, this cold has been miserable and present for far too long). As we were preparing to leave one of the employees walked over and told us just to leave our dishes and she'd take care of it. So kind, bless her! However, as she walked away my daughter exclaimed loudly, 'She's small! She's really small!'

Well. It could have been worse I guess?

It got me to thinking later. In the bathtub. About how to explain to my daughter why it isn't ok to point out those things. She's just a little young to understand it entirely but she can grasp feeling sad. And she obviously is noticing opposites. Suddenly this Dr. Seuss inspired thing popped into my head!

Some people have red hair
Some have blonde

Some people have blue eyes
Some have brown

Some people are tall
Some people are small

Some are fat
and some are skinny

Do you see dear, there are so many!

But no matter the size, the shape or the color,
We are all sisters and brothers.

So when you are talking to this one or that,
Remember their feelings........

And that's where I couldn't finish it. There are probably a bazillion other books out there that say the same thing. In fact, I found one that probably does! Bunnies Any Size, by JM Orend. But anyways, that's what was running through my head. Guess I'll just have to practice relaxing in a proper bath! I know. It'll be hard, sacrifices may be involved. Mostly on the part of my husband, who's been informed his wife wants a clawfoot soaking tub put in post haste.

May you all have a similarly lovely scented bath in your future! (Go enter the Relax, Mama giveaway if you haven't already! I'm giving up my bath melt from Lush. 'Cause I'm nice like that.)


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