Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Belated Menu Monday

Apologies for Menu Monday being on Tuesday, but I caught a not so fun bug Monday morning and spent most of the day in bed. Thankfully, it wasn't even a 24 hour bug (No, I'm not pregnant!)

So last week and this week are about saving money. Last week I went for gold with a grocery bill under $20. The purpose of that was to budget in for a lunch date with a great friend of mine and a fun-filled movie weekend with the family! This week, my grocery bill is about $43. Not too shabby. What's on the menu? Read ahead...

The hubs took care of all meals seeing as I was in bed. No idea what happened for breakfast, lunch was a homemade pizza(he even did the crust from scratch!) and dinner an omelette. All using things we had on hand. Awesome as he is, not even he is brave enough to go to the grocery store with the kids by himself. Haha!

Breakfast: Eggs, banana, cheese
Lunch: PBJ, oranges, broccoli
Dinner: Leftover Pizza, applesauce

Breakfast: Bagel w/cream cheese, oranges
Lunch: Turkey, potatoes, peas, applesauce
Dinner: TBD- possibly my dad's

Breakfast: 8 grain hot cereal with raisins, walnuts, honey
Lunch: Squash and vegetable soup, apple slices, bread
Dinner: Tacos with tomato, lettuce, cheese and oranges

Breakfast: PB toast, banana and cheese
Lunch: Egg scramble with apple slices
Dinner: Shrimp pasta, peas, oranges

What are some of the things we've done to save on this week's grocery bill?

Eggs- My mom brought back a bunch from my grandpa's farm. Straight from the chicken's butt!
Bread- The hubs actually baked a beautiful loaf from scratch. Way to go, baby!
Applesauce- Home canned from apples off my grandpa and dad's trees.

The rest of it mostly consists of things we had in the house. I love to use what I already have on hand. It really stretches out that dollar you originally paid for the item. This is where buying on sale and creating some food storage comes into play. If it makes cents, I might buy in bulk once in a while, too. Generally I do that just for meat coming straight from the farmer.

What do you do to cut your grocery bill?


Baby Making Mama said...

What?! I'm eating eggs from a chickens butt?!?! haha.

I made my first batch of applesause yesterday and it was SO YUMMY!

I read a bread recipe yesterday and want to make some, but I sold my kitchenaid and donated my bread maker so it may be hard.

I think this menu idea is neat, it would force me to be accountable for what we're eating.

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