Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random brain things

That is, if I have things left in my brain. After 2 nights of little to no sleep thanks to son's cold number 4,5354,44,5,4,454(don't try to make sense of it, it's a lot) I'm not running on much. From the sounds of the hubs trying to put the babe to sleep, we might be heading for night 3. To top it off my own various sinus things are ouchie.

And, because things in the Crazy Green House never go below 100 MPH, tomorrow is the Boob Man's 1st birthday party. Which I've largely ignored. Largely meaning= I have no cake. I have no decorations. We'll be winging it, folks. In the two hours left pre-party after my husband helps someone move in the morning.

Whoops, that's as far as I got before calling it a night! Now it's Saturday and wouldn't you know, I'm kickin' it on the 'net instead of um... figuring out birthday party stuff. Honestly I'm counting on the venue to do most of the work for me. There's a local hotel that spent buco bucks putting in a pirate themed waterpark and that's where we're having it. My kiddo loves the water so it's appropriate for him. And a great way for people to take a break from the super cold and snow we have going on here in the Midwest. Of course, it also means baring my supah white, lumpy thighs to the world. That part I'm not looking forward to. Think they'll let me get in the pool in my jeans?

On a healthier note, I do believe I am finally at the end of this cold business. Hacky cough still present but debilitating brain pain has moved on. Knock on wood. Which means, the capability to write is returning. *Queue celebration music, parades, balloons, confetti* I know you've missed me! The world's been so cold and dreary, without wit or joy!

I'll stop now, as I see you are moved to tears.

Next up- our Boodle Bottoms winner will be announced! (And contacted via email).


RaisingGreenRichmondKids said...

Ha! I've been there on the random thoughts after sleepless nights! I found you through a blog hop. Looking forward to reading more.

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