Sunday, January 23, 2011

A note about LUSH products, general rant

My apologizes, fair readers! It has just come to my attention that LUSH products contain SLS and parabens- two chemicals I choose not to use for my family and do not want to promote on my blog. This was a good reminder to me that many companies are greenwashing and we must do our due diligence. My wonderful brother had been talking them up to me as a great natural, organic line and bought a small package for me as a Christmas gift. I took his word and didn't look into it myself. He also had no clue until I told him my discovery today. This really makes me sad as I was enjoying those products and a little 'me' time! My hope is that they choose to remove those unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals from their products in the very near future. And no, I do not believe their claims that SLS has been used for 30 years and is ok.

For my general rant, can I just say I'm getting tired of all the garbage in things lately? It's everywhere! There's even BPA on receipts. Which of course you touch all of the time. Apparently these are on the list of things for men to avoid as they can reduce sperm count. Really? And you aren't supposed to recycle BPA laced receipts as it will contaminate the recycled product.

For heaven's sake! I can't win!


And I can't. There's no safe bubble pretty much anywhere, unless I maybe go to The Great Barrier Island off New Zealand. (I was watching a little 'House Hunters International' today at my mom's.) They actually use all solar and wind power, water is brought in from the streams or rain collection or water tanks. It's crazy!

Back to my point. I can't win the war on chemicals. Not entirely, at least. There are three scenarios I envision. One: Stacy ignores everything and grabs on to blissful ignorance with an iron grip. (tempting) Two: Stacy goes crazy. (oh wait, I'm already there. I mean, even MORE crazy.) Three: Stacy does her best, knowing that there will always be something but nothing will change if we don't become educated and demand better.

Chin up, fellow green living guerrillas! It will get better.


Julie said...

Right there with you! The good thing is since you try in every other area to be diligent, the minimal exposure you get on the occassions that you are unwittingly contacting those nasty chemicals is something your body can actually process and get rid of more effectively!

Every little baby step we all make is progress. Give yourself a pat on the back & a breather! Go Green Momma! :)

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