Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Operation 'Pup Pup'

*Knock on Wood* It is a success!

Let me introduce you to my favorite little dog, Pup Pup.

Pup Pup comes to us thanks to Great Papa this Christmas! He's a Nap puppy from Brookstone. Not my usual handmade, natural materials type toy but the second my son picked him up and buried his face into that fur I decided not to care this once. You see, Pup Pup is going to take the 'lovie' place my boobs used to occupy. Not that we're discontinuing breastfeeding! But I'm needing better night time sleep so it's time to start working on longer blocks at night.

He's the perfect size and weight for my 1 year old. Really I'd wanted the dark brown they have but couldn't find a new one in the package that hadn't been man-handled in the store already. So light brown it was. I'm just hoping he'll hold up to lovin' for a few years.

I can hear you now. 'Go buy a backup while you can, Stacy!' Yes, yes I will. This weekend!

What's your kiddo's lovie and when did they choose it?


Amanda said...

Definitely buy a second "just in case" one. Maddie's bear also wears a collar with a small pet tag with my phone number on it just in case. Which has worked! We lost her twice and were called to retrieve her! (the bear not the kid)

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