Thursday, January 20, 2011

End of January New Year's Resolutions!

Yeah, I might be a little late to this party. But all in good time. How are your NYR's coming? I have already updated my original ideas. Actually, not sure what the original one(s?) was anymore. But no matter! I give you... New Year's Resolutions (take 2):

1. Get control of diet
2. Work out more regularly
3. Kiss husband on the lips at least once a day

1. Get control of diet-
I was sort of flying blind on this one until this morning when I opened my Beachbody newsletter. Usually I just delete them, sad reminders of all that we're currently not doing right! For some reason today I chose to open it. And found this awesome 8 week transition diet plan! I'm so stoked to try this. Our diet isn't terrible, but I have gone overboard on sweets and things to the point that, when things get stressful, I want to eat junk. Not good. So we're putting an end to that, gradually, thanks to this 8 week very doable plan.

2. Work out more regularly.
For the hubs, more regularly. For me, work out at all. I really fell off the bandwagon on this one. My husband has the all-popular P90X and I have the Slim in 6. (Really, I promise we aren't paid for this blurb!) The only thing standing in my way is getting our bigger, DVD-playing laptop fixed first. Yes, this is where I sometimes wish we had a tv.

3. Kiss my husband on the lips at least once a day.
Well, that's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the kids, house, cooking and the million little things need done that he gets forgotten. He is a great dad and I also need to remember he is a great husband.

So there you go! I think there's a pretty good chance at success, don't you?


Amie said...

I read the 8 week diet plan and I'm excited to see how it goes for you! It's something I'd love to try, but at this point of my life (living in my in-laws basement and eating the food that THEY buy) it's not exactly practical for me right now. Hopefully hearing how you feel about it will motivate me to try it when I am able to!

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