Friday, March 4, 2011

Changing How We Look at a Fever

I came across a great article a while back by Sherri Tenpenny, DO, titled 'The Importance of Fever.' When our kids get sick we worry; when they have a fever we seem to worry more. But according to her article, we shouldn't be so quick to try and reduce that fever.

You can read her article HERE.

While we've tried to back off the pain/fever reducers while my son is teething, I don't withhold it from him when he is in a lot of pain. Nights are the worst as he can't be distracted with kids and playing like during the day. We also love using Camilia to naturally manage the worst of the pain(cheapest to buy on Amazon!). It seems to help him sleep better both at night and for naps. I love the single dose tubes and carry them in my diaper bag at all times. He actually likes taking it!

What things do you do to help your child manage teething pain or fevers?

*Please consult your doctor with any concerns*


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